Sustainable Business Results

We are a Small Business Specialist Partnership working across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We come from a broad background of specialist careers in business including Financial, Accountancy, Digital Marketing including Ecommerce, Brand and FMCG Marketing, Data and Insight, Franchising, Telecoms, HR, Mentoring and Insolvency. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their true business needs and challenges to provide the necessary insight required to allow sustainable changes to be put in place.

When required we are able to provide funding in many different formats from standard loans, Debt Financing, Capital Expenditure, Factoring, Commercial Property Loans through to Business Growth & Start-up Capital. For those whose businesses who are experiencing financial difficulties we provide affordable, professional and down to earth simple advice. We also provide liquidation experts and insolvency practitioners where necessary.

Restructuring Specialists

We work closely with our clients getting to know their businesses better and to understand their goals. It is often the case that if a business is to succeed, it may have to make significant changes to its financial or operational structures. Whatever the reason our partner will leave a smoother, more economically sound business operation.

Finance Expertise

We provide performance management and financial expertise for small and medium sized businesses. This includes factoring services, supplier negotiation, cashflow management, unpaid invoice recovery, client retention, additional income to provide liquidity and commercial property lending. For new businesses, we provide non-banking sources of capital provided by start-up and early stage investors. For businesses that are no longer sustainable we provide liquidation management and insolvency services.

Consulting Advisory

We bring extensive expertise to small and medium sized businesses. We base our proposals on existing customer data and insight. We review and advise on a huge variety of business requirements such as customer journeys, planning product launches, identifying channels for market entry, improving operational performance and drive better efficiencies. In short we help make businesses more profitable and sustainable.

Overcoming Business Challenges

The economic impact of Brexit is currently the biggest concern facing small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK. According to The Co-op Bank 30% this as their biggest worry with 19% SME’s then concerned about the potential for their operating costs to increase.

BPC Advisory have seen these worries spill over across a range of other business issues such as: red tape and regulation; a rise in supplier costs due to late payments; disruption in supply chains; an increase in debt repayment; staff issues, not to mention increasing competition from more tech savvy firms. The challenge that arises is knowing how to protect businesses against these worrying trends and being able to actually grow businesses….. and this is where BPC Advisory’s team come in. BPC Advisory helps give clarity and guidance to businesses so they can prepare businesses to adapt to these changes.

Building for the Future

Quote from a client

“I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism that BPC Advisory was able to help us with our financing. Within a week of contacting BPC Advisory, we were talking to possible funding partners and discussion not only short term but also a more structured long term solution.”

— Roberto Agostini

More about our clients
Whilst our partners have worked for many well known brands listed below, we have also worked for many smaller and lessor known businesses which we are equally proud of but their names will be unfamiliar...

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