Business Sectors

The range of work in consultancy is extremely varied and we have consultants covering a diverse range of business sectors. BPC Advisory covers the following:

Financial Services

Our consultants in this sector work across the financial services industry. They can work with clients to find innovative ways to optimise processes, reduce operational costs, implement new technologies, manage risks and improve customer service, provide tax planning and R&D Tax credits, all whilst remaining compliant with changes in legislation and the regulatory landscape. Importantly we can assist in sourcing a range of business lending from £5000 to multi-millions covering debt finance, growth funding, capital equipment, factoring through to investment funding and start-up capital.

Retail & Leisure

Primarily involved in business growth, consultants can be advising on property and location strategies, customer research, visual merchandising, franchising, staff training or investment, retail operations through to loyalty and customer insights. Clients can range from landlords and investors to high streets, shopping centres and multi-site operators.

Digital & Technology

Within technology our consultants would advise and support clients with implementing technology into their operations and transforming their IT-infrastructures to cut costs and improve efficiency. Our consultants give a wide range of advice on information needs, the provision of software, systems analysis and design, computer feasibility studies, implementing computer applications and making computer hardware evaluations through to managing the digitalisation process of an organisation.


Our consultants in this sector serve clients within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), consumer packaged goods (CPG) and industrial production industries. Their role is to help manufacturing companies stay ahead of the market, gain a competitive advantage, or improve long-term profitability. This could involve a review of the layout of a production department, production control arrangements, productivity and incentive schemes or quality control problems, advise on new markets, outsourcing, supply-chain management, procurement and CRM.

Data and Analytics

Data analytics is used in business to help organisations make better business decisions. Whether it’s market research, product research, positioning, customer reviews, sentiment analysis, or any other issue for which data exists, analysing data can provide insights that organisations need in order to make the right choices and business decisions. Our consultants have some unique experience of loyalty schemes and cost effectively using customer data from varying sources to provide predictive customer behaviour that can drive business decisions.

Marketing & Business Planning

Business planning can often miss out on realising a coherent marketing strategy, integrated social media marketing, customer journey and go to market plan due to a simple lack of focus and prioritisation. Our specialist marketing strategy consultants have experience across a variety of client situations and can effectively and efficiently diagnose core marketing issues. Working closely with our clients we build marketing strategies and go to market plans that drive sustainable growth without being unrealistic. Our pragmatic solutions are customer led and tailored to your business size, need and budget.