What The Health Check Covers

Analysis of the key areas of your business and guiding you through an actionable plan to become a business fit for the future.

  • People / Organisation; what is the Growth Potential of your business and does the senior team have the ability to unlock this potential through effective execution ?
  • Finance; Cash is King if you are going to be able to make well-informed, timely decisions to create a scalable business that is able to manage risk to future proof your brand rationale. We will look at what you need and help you secure the finance required.
  • Sales & Marketing; does your brand proposition meet the needs of your target demographic, are your routes to market mapped out and is your messaging clear ?
  • Strategy; what business are you in and how well do you compete with other businesses in your market sector ? We will help you create a unique and valuable market position and make sure that all your company activities “fit” with one another to support the chosen strategy.
  • .Operations; integration of systems and shared objectives across the business will ensure needs are met and client’s expectations are surpassed.
  • Cost Reduction; reducing costs enables any business to invest in areas that create revenue, so we will look to the market to see where savings can be made in terms of material procurement, utilities, outsourcing, goods and services etc.
  • IT Systems and Digitalisation; a review of systems and software utilised in the business and how technology can assist in managing every area of the business, ensuring that integration is seamless and key data delivery is delivered in a clear, concise and timely fashion.

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