Business Development

At BPC Advisory we work with companies to establish well-defined set of performance measures that can be inputted through any organisation to support their business departments, projects and staff alike, in aligning their day-to-day activities with the business strategy. 

By using the application of our extensive experience and insight and supported by our proven methodology, we support clients in simplifying the complexity from their current approaches to improve their overall profitability. To do this we focus on identifying and implementing a set of simpler, more transparent and straightforward measures, making it easier for the businesses to link their business strategies with their KPIs.  BPC Advisory also:

  • Create new brand propositions for companies.
  • Provide turnaround solutions – Lead and develop performance improvement strategies.
  • Ensures that performance measures and indicators are well defined with the business strategy.
  • Identify and implement a simple set of measures that support a better understanding of the overall value of the business/department and /or project.
  • Provide a means of ensuring that going forward businesses link their business strategies to their KPIs.
  • Create metrics, reports and analysis to support decision making.
  • Promise a certainty of outcome when it comes to delivering any transformational changes in finance functions, efficiencies and effectiveness. BPC Advisory provides insights that are needed to drive necessary change and manage any potential pitfalls.
  • Lead and develop performance improvement strategies.
  • Reviewing and restructure merchandising operations where necessary.
  • Hands on expertise in product development and innovation.

Work with a ‘customer comes first’ approach across all aspects of businesses.