Your Fractional CxO

Offering skills and expertise to companies on a for-hire basis. Our Fractional CxOs provide invaluable experience to your company with a fresh eye and neutral outsider’s perspective.

Your Fractional CxO

We provide businesses with:

  • We can offer highly skilled, highly experienced executives on a part time basis at a fractional cost to your business. Especially designed for early stage or cash poor ventures, you get total quality without breaking the bank. Costed on an hourly, daily or monthly retainer whichever is the most relevant time period to meet your budget spend.
  • Our retained service includes access to our whole consultant team, enabling our clients to bring in experts as necessary to address issues within the management of their customers, finance, marketing, operations and people.
  • Non-executive: We provide board level members to your organisation, without any of the expensive recruitment fees of other platforms.

Flexible access to functional specialists

Interim working

Fractional working: hourly to monthly

Non-executive support



How a business benefited from a fractional CxO

CxOs have invaluable experience that can help any business achieve a step change in their growth.

YOUR Fractional CxO 

What our clients can expect

  • Executive: C-Suite/functional directors within SME/MME businesses and covering all functional disciplines. They can perform multiple roles: acting as a lightning rod for a new strategic priority, helping the organization accelerate its progress against a specific agenda. We can focus management team attention, establishing a platform for collaboration and coordination by leaders and functions; alternatively acting as your customer champion to support and challenge business direction which may require a strategic or experience shift; being a sounding board for business owners and management teams to support confidence in the direction of the business.
  • Non-executives with multi-functional experience at board level of organisations ranging from pre-revenue to the multi-million. With solid understanding of risk, governance and representing shareholder value, our non -executive support provides your business with seasoned and wise heads

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